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November 14, 2012

An Open Letter to Tony “Effing” Harris: Cosplay Misconceptions and Misogyny


Mr. Harris,

I will come right out and say it. I have an “effing” problem with what you have to say. You don’t know me and I only have a cursory knowledge of your work but much like you, I don’t give a crap and I’m gonna say it anyway. You might not be a misogynist  a sexist, or a bad person on any fundamental level. Your statement about “Cosplay Chicks,” however is. For that matter, you are not the first to make such bold and brash statements about women who you deem to be “Quasi-Pretty-NOT-Hot-Girl.” Not that you feel they are in fact hot because well, according to your post, you have a much more refined taste in women.

Honestly, in my experience as an attendee, performer, organizer, and interviewer at conventions nationwide, I see it occasionally. The idea of the “sexy costume” is permeating into cosplay, but then I actually have a conversation with them (Heaven forbid!), and ask them questions about why they chose the costume and in-depth questions about their characters, and I have never been disappointed. In fact the only people I have ever come in contact with who had NO idea about the character they were portraying and wearing skimpy little sexy outfits were professional models hired by corporations, as well as indie companies, to try and drive traffic to their sites and booths, and at least they are very up front about this. Much like you when you say “Sorry, while you Cos”Play” I’m actually at work. Thats my office,” well, so are they.

Speaking of that quote, it comes from a response you gave to another commentor:

“But the one thing I HAVE to address is the use of the word MISOGYNY. So I am a Misogynist? Why? Because I frown upon Posers who are sad, needy fakers who use up all my air at Cons? Sorry, while you Cos”Play” I’m actually at work. That’s my office. Fuck you. I actually don’t hate women, I don’t fear them either. Nor do I mistrust them. I do not portray or Objectify half naked women in my work.”

Again, as I stated earlier, maybe you’re not a misogynist. Your statement is. That does not make you a misogynist – HOWEVER your inability to own that statement as misogynist is what perpetuates it. It is not that you frown upon posers which makes you a misogynist, it’s the fact that you don’t own your stupid statements and instead try to inflate your own ego by saying that you get paid in the middle of your own defense (Why even bother saying that?!).

That being said, let’s address the cries of misogyny which come from ALL OVER your diatribe. Never mind the perpetuation of the idea that a man can tell a woman what to wear and that a woman who is trying to show off their body is inherently trying to prey upon men, because those are very present themes in your anger. Let’s focus on something a little more basic though. Are you going to make up a quiz for women to take before they can buy a ticket to a convention? If not you, who is? If women have to prove their knowledge of comics before they cosplay, should men have to take this quiz as well? Therein lies the misogyny. It is not the fact that you draw comics where women wear clothing, it’s because you feel that only certain women should be able to dress a certain way and it’s only if they know a certain amount about the outfit they’re wearing.

First off, leave it to Cisgendered, heterosexual, white men to believe that women are “preying” upon them, or people who are less than you, ya know the Nerds at a convention, or as I like to call them your customers. Furthermore I also have to say I love the use of “you are more pathetic than the REAL Nerds” because what this says is not only insulting to women it’s insulting to your male audience… Unless you are so cocky as to believe that your audience are the obsessive comic book type, but you know, only the cool ones.

Yeah, Mr. Harris, it is your Facebook page, and it is just a statement you made (a misogynistic statement), and we have the power to leave and never hear from you again on Facebook. Saying stupid, misogynistic things on your Facebook (whether you own it or not) is still screaming stupid misogynistic things in public. And I’m sure if you even deem me at all worthy of the iota of your time to read this you’ll claim that I’m a nerd, I don’t understand your message, and that I’m probably an out of-work virgin. Go right ahead and try to dodge your perpetuation of a stupid statement that you could have easily owned, and apologized for. Maybe in the future you should stick to illustrating and getting paid, and leave writing and talking to someone else.


Lucretia Dearfour

About the Author

Ashley Rogers
Ashley Rogers, or commonly known in the Steampunk community as Lucretia Dearfour, earned a Bachelor's of English Literature and Theatre at Fitchburg State College, was invited to the two week summer playwriting intensive at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC, has directed multiple plays, written plays that have been performed in New York City, Multiple locations in MA, and as far as WI. Currently Ashley works as a hair stylist and as one of the organizers of the Steampunk Industrial revolution. Ashley was a member of The Penny Dreadfuls and a founding member of The Wandering Legion, but currently is the founder and organizer of The Copper Claw. Ashley has also been responsible for building her own props and sewing her own costumes, has written articles for Beyond Victoriana and Steampunk Magazine Online, has been on camera talent and a blogger for Nerd Caliber, maintains a weekly metal review and is the creator of "Ashley Rogers Does Something Awesome," on Dogtoon Media, and has been featured in the Frenchy and The Punk Music video for "House of Cards," as well as on TLC's "Young Broke and Beautiful."



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  • Jay Gischer

    I don’t endorse his remarks, not at all. However, I do think he experiences hurt and pain, along with other men.

    I think women, and men, like to feel attractive, and like attention from members of the gender of their persuasion. Women have traditionally been barred from open demonstrations of desire, however. This has created a lot of problems, and a lot of hurt.

    However, I don’t feel the way forward is to ban all expressions of hurt from white, cisgendered, hetero males. The system we are caught up in hurts everyone, male and female, dark and pale, and we are going to have to find our way out of it together.