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March 8, 2018

ComiX-Files at Midtown Comics: The Charitable Truth Is Out There

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Written by: Gregg "Wonderllama" Snider
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LLS @ Midtown Comics - 03-02-18 - 110

Who keeps bumping off superheroes at the comic book store? The truth is out there, and only intrepid FBI agent, Ms. Dana Frizzle, can solve the case.

A bunch of intrepid heroes, a chlorophyll-filled villain, a Jedi ghost, and a photographer decided to trek into Manhattan in the middle of a Nor’easter for a photo shoot.

Sounds like the setup for a bad joke.

These amazing folks came out in awful weather last Friday, March 2, to participate in the 3rd Annual Cosplay Photoshoot. It’s a unique opportunity for people who cosplay comic book characters (and usually a few who don’t) to take photos in one of New York City’s great comic book stores, Midtown Comics.  Todd Zavorskas, aka Zombie Leader, organizes this as part of a promotion that raises money for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society / The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society CT Westchester Chapter. Part of the proceeds from Midtown’s online sales will benefit LLS. The sale runs through Tuesday, March 13 and has some great comics, graphic novels, statues, collectibles and more for up to 75 percent off. Here’s the link to the sale

After getting some shots with Midtown COO Gerry Gladston, I had the idea to tell a story of several heroes, a villain, and an FBI agent in a comic book store. Putting the play in cosplay, our audacious team played dead, cracked a safe, and endured arrest to make this fun series. Characters are: SnowChelle as Ms. Dana Frizzle; Ally Oops as Poison Ivy; Legend of the Daywalker as Blade; gnetixkosupure as Black Panther; Lilly Wilton as Spider Gwen; Zombie Leader as Obi Wan Kenobi’s Force ghost.

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