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July 31, 2017

Cosplay And Photography Expo Is This Weekend!


With our second ever paid event coming up this weekend, it seems like a good time to remind everyone about how awesome CAPE 2015 was with a gallery from last time, and tell everyone how awesome this year will be!

What, you don’t know what the Cosplay And Photography Expo is? It is two days of panels, workshops, vendors, photo shoots and fun. It is all about education and enjoyments, with panels ranging from “Costume and Prop Making on a Budget” presented MicroKitty, BelleChereHuman Sushi Cosplay and Lodaim Cosplay to “3D Printing: Tips and Techniques to achieve what you want when it doesn’t exist” presented by World’s End Design to “The Process: Streamlining your  image creation workflow by figuring out what you’re after FIRST” presented by M.G.Norris Contemporary Photography and The Portrait Dude.

Workshops, which cost a little extra, are much more hands-on instructional sessions, with topics including “Glamour Cosplay Photography” presented by Robbins Studios with model MicroKitty, and “Draft Your First Slopers Set For Making Your own Patterns” presented by Mhysa Cosplay and Glitch Cos, among many others. No more than 16 people will be allowed to attend any workshop to keep the instruction level as close to hands on as possible.

CAPE will be held at the Holiday Inn Hotel and Suites in Nashua NH, Aug. 5 and 6. There will be an after party, featuring Cosplay Host Spectra out of New York City, and DJ Neon playing tunes. It has a $5 cash only cover charge, is 18+, and did I mention it will be held in the room that has a three-masted pirate ship? Yes, the bar is on the pirate ship.


Tickets for CAPE ($35 for the weekend online) and and the Workshops ($10 to $15) are still available, although some of the workshops are selling out fast, like “Shooting Outdoors, Taught Outdoors” presented by the outdoor powerhouses Anna Cosplay Photography, Dave Yang and Athel Cosplay Photography. And you can still get a room under the event rate, but you have to call the hotel at 603-888-1551 and ask for our representative, Lauri Hopkins. Online and just calling the front desk at this late an hour won’t work. Oh, and plenty of free parking.

Check out these images from or taken at CAPE 2015, when it was held at the Southbridge Hotel in Southbridge, Mass. Photos taken by Wonderllama Photography and Cantera Image and the shot of Wonderllama cosplaying as me was taken by none other than Mini Mal Cosplay, the Tyrion Lannister in the gallery.


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