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September 28, 2017

Cosplayers & Photographers Shoot It Out at GraniteCon!

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Written by: Gregg "Wonderllama" Snider
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For the 15th annual Granite State Comic Con, I wanted to do something a bit different. Something fun and collaborative to showcase the creativity of the photographers and cosplayers attending GSCC.

And so…the Cosplayer & Photographer Shoot-Out was conceived.

We randomly teamed seven photographers with cosplayers. The audience came up with some great suggestions for themes, with “horror” getting the most votes. Teams then had 30 minutes to make a horror-themed photograph.

The results speak for themselves. With little time and few props, teams came up with brilliant shots that made great use of composition, lighting, and posing.

The prizes for both Crowd Favorite and Best Overall Photo went to West Street Studios, for the creepy, cinematic, split-view shot, with a guest appearance by Khepera Cosplay. The award for Best Interpretation of the Theme went to Sheik Photography for the disturbing, unsettling, angular shot of a dead (or is he?) Splicer, portrayed by R.W. Martin. Other cosplayers participating in the Shoot-Out include DeadlysymmetryCosplayer of Earth-603Tetra’s Domain, and more.

Photos credits, in the order shown in the gallery thumbnails:
Christian Sherman, West Street Studios; Chris Vaughn, Sheik Photography; Everett Soares, Springhammer; Kevin Brophy, K Brophy Studio; Brian William, BNHPhotography; David Lockhart; Christopher Robin Wetherell, CW Photography. Enjoy their shots.


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