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November 3, 2017

Fall 2017 Super Megafest Cosplay Gallery, Saturday Part 3

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Written by: Rodney Brown
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One of the best parts of this Fall Super Megafest, or any one for that matter, is watching the celebrities just casually walking the show floor, going to panel rooms or just getting their own coffee. While I was sitting by the food stand, I saw Corbin Bernson buying coffee, John Wesley Shipp and Amanda Pays casually walking to a Flash reunion panel, and Mark Goddard of Lost in Space walking back and forth multiple times.

That didn’t distract me from taking photos however, and in this gallery you’ll find cosplayers Roxas PaigeLithium Kittysongbird_cosplaySith Lantern CosplayZombie LeaderMoonie Warrior CosplayBriezerker CosplayHybrid SpyderThe Bughead Chroniclesmakeupmermaid22lolivancoctconmanDolliliciousBiggursky art/designCassadilla CosplayCosplayer of Earth-603Cares O-Lot Cosplay, and many more. Oh, and we snuck in a shot of Christopher Wetherell’s Photography acting out a years-long dream pose.

Photo gallery tips: Once the page loads the images, you will see the Forward and Back navigation arrows above the image, in case you want to scroll faster than the preset. And to see the entire gallery as thumbnails, click on the gray four-box square next to the navigation arrows.

High-res images for sale!
If you are pictured in any of our galleries and want the high resolution download for yourself, we can make it available via a private, password-protected link, for $8 per image. Just send an email to editor AT

We are also now selling high resolution images of some of the photos taken of cosplayers that have agreed to let us do so. To see the 50 or so images we have available to download for a mere $8 each, go to our Anime Boston 2016 sales gallery and our brand new Spring Super Megafest 2016 sales gallery.


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