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October 31, 2017

Frightfully Good Halloween Featured Sets from The Portrait Dude!


It’s All Hallows Eve, and the veil between this world and the next is at it’s thinnest. So what better a time to bring you two cosplays of characters that pierce that veil with ease: Beetlejuice and Freddy Krueger!

Once again, our man in the Rust Belt, Wes, The Portrait Dude, offer us a featured set, and not one but two this time. First up is a set of Erica Fett as the Kotobukiya figurine version of Freddie Krueger, shot at Studio 1377 in Wes’ hometown of Columbus. Erica has also cosplayed the Kotobukiya Jason Voorhees and a whole range of characters, including an awesome genderbent Piccolo from Dragon Ball Z.

Next is Galaxy Amethyst Cosplay in a perfect location for her Beetlejuice cosplay, a cemetery. While a quick glance at her page may lead you to think she does mostly scary cosplay (right next to the Beetlejuice shots are more pics by Wes of her as Georgie from IT), that’s not the case. She has cosplayed as the MCU version of Sif, Astrid from How to Train Your Dragon and the latest Captain Marvel, among many others.

More of the wonderful work by Wes can be seen at his website.

Photo gallery tips: Once the page loads the images, you will see the Forward and Back navigation arrows above the image, in case you want to scroll faster than the preset. And to see the entire gallery as thumbnails, click on the gray four-box square next to the navigation arrows.


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