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December 30, 2017

Grimm’s Cosplay Tales with L’il Red Riding Hood

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Written by: Gregg "Wonderllama" Snider
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Chantal & Alicia - Red & Harley - 12-17-17 - 126

The award for Toughing It Out In a Summer Cosplay for a Winter Photoshoot goes to DeadlySymmetry. We arranged to meet with her and HarleyHaQuinn in central Massachusetts for holiday greetings video shoots and winter photo shoots. DeadlySymmetry’s lightweight Red Riding Hood isn’t well suited to single-digit temps and brisk winds, but with a few trips to the car to warm up, we nailed some incredible shots.

We wanted to get dark, moody shots, akin to Grimm’s original not-for-children tales from the Black Forest. As the sun went down and we headed into the woods, we got some decidedly dark photos. And while the sun was high, we got some great shots in the cemetery where we shot Harley’s Winter Hijinks.

After you’ve looked through the photos below, check out DeadlySymmetry’s video, embedded below.

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