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June 2, 2011

Anime Boston 2011 Pictorial

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Written by: Kiera Vallone
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If you are one of the organizers or volunteers for Anime Boston 2011, stand up and receive your applause. This year’s Anime Boston 2011 was an experience filled with great cosplay and panels. Have you ever been to a panel hosted by The Vagabonds or Uncle Yo? You haven’t? FOR SHAME!

I’m sure by now you have seen our video coverage of the convention as well the cosplay spotlights on Howl’s Moving Castle and Magic Knight Rayearth. Today we have for you the photography work of Kiera Vallone. Her pictorial of Anime Boston is a visual feast for true cosplayers.

Kiera Vallone has been an avid cosplayer for approximately eight years. She did her Senior Thesis on cosplaying and conventions in America, and received her Journalism Bachelor’s Degree from SUNY Purchase last May. If you are interested in contacting her for photoshoots and are around or near New York City you can contact her at this e-mail address.

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