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July 16, 2013

“Massively Effective” is Massively Awesome

massively effective cover

Welcome to “Independents Day,” Nerd Caliber’s short reviews of noteworthy comics and books NOT produced by a major publisher.

“Ever since those captains of virtue, Mass and Effect, re-entered our lives, it has been nothing but countless rounds of humiliation. If I wasn’t already mad, our continuous battles would have driven me to the brink.”—PhD

 After a futuristic tribunal deems “Mass” and “Effect” colossal failures the two superheroes are relegated to a normal life. So it’s to the comic book shop for these two b-level do-gooders. But look out! Their rogue’s gallery is not content to allow them to stay retired for long.

Written by Marco Lopez and Bryan Ginn, art by Michael Mayne, and colors by Walt Barna, Massively Effective #1 is a super-charged, action-first story that combines Joss Whedon’s quippy dialogue with bright, fun artwork. This particular issue is nearly all-ages, but certainly would work for a young teen audience who would be able to keep up with the storyline.

While many comics have opted for a slower pace with less dialogue and large visuals, Lopez and Ginn aren’t afraid to give characters single panels filled with full conversations. But they wisely balance this against whole scenes of battles against zombies and a guitar-playing evil lizard. And it hits the right notes for me. Almost like having a really amazing Spider-Man adventure, without all maudlin whining in the film version of Amazing Spider-Man.

Note: apparently Mass and Effect aren’t down with the cape and mask look. It’s fine. They carry off the “no-costume” style with panache.

In conclusion, if your comic books aren’t so fun anymore or the endless companywide crossovers are just (yawn) meh, you owe it to yourself (and your inner child) to give it a try. It rates three out of three unsheathed Wolverine claws.

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Shawn Proctor
Shawn Proctor is a Philly-area geek who spends his free time reading Copper Age comic books and working on his superhero novel, "Stand-In Heroes." His Twitter is @shawnproctor and Facebook is His website is



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