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August 20, 2012

Meet STRANGE ARTIFACT – Japanese Steampunk Rock Band


Looking for something cool and different from what you are hearing now on the radio? Strange Artifact, the only Japanese Steampunk band currently in the music scene, was at the Steampunk World’s Fair a few months ago and Nerd Caliber was fortunate to not only capture portions of their performance (from their latest album, Antikythera Mechanism) but also interview them! In our video interview, we ask them how how they became acquainted with steampunk culture and what they thought of America so far. Many thanks to Dan Orlowitz in his help in translating our questions to Strange Artifact and their answers back to us.

About the Author

E. Ortiz
E. Ortiz has been working as a freelance journalist, videographer and editor for almost ten years for many different organizations: from MoCCA to FUSE Music Television. Nowadays Mr. Ortiz is the brains behind Nerd Caliber and sometimes you can see him leading his team at conventions.



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