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April 13, 2012

PAX EAST 2012 Cosplay and Convention Pictures: Part Three


Our final collection of PAX EAST 2012 pictures that includes some of the events that took place as well as some great cosplay! Click here to see Part One and Part Two of our PAX EAST 2012 gallery! Footage of PAX EAST will also be up soon. Pictures by David Palmacci (with a bit at the end by E. Ortiz). [nggallery id=73]

About the Author

David Palmacci
Besides being a great artist, graphic designer, videographer and writer, David Palmacci is a scoundrel of the highest order. Every hope the human race had to redeem itself died when Dave chose to pick up a pen and started writing.



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BCC 2016 Gallery Five From Saturday

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2nd Otakon 2016 Friday Cosplay Gallery

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