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May 2, 2018

PAX East 2018 Feature Set: World of Warcraft by Wonderllama Photo

PAX 2018 - Fri - 04-06-18 - 133

My final Feature Set from PAX East 2018 features, appropriately, one of the first groups I shot at my first PAX several years ago. I met Steel Shield Cosplay, Queen of Coats, and Sisu Cosplay & Craft they were debuting their incredible Fallout group, with T45 power armor, ‘working’ Gatling guns, and more. True to form, they debuted a new, equally over-the-top group cosplay this year: World of Warcraft.

Since I was running the home base that day, we weren’t able to go outside for any cool location shots. Instead, we got some great images inside the convention center. Steel Shield’s Uther is another impressive creation, with a fantastic helmet and armor. Queen of Coats’ Thrall is stunning, as is her insane, LED-powered Doom Hammer. And for sheer terror-inducing size and ferocity, Sisu’s Maiev Shadowsong is hard to beat.

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If you are pictured in any of our galleries, feel free to download the images and use them non-commercially on social media, with appropriate credit.


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