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December 20, 2012

The Otherworldly Steampunk Photos of Thea Theodosia


Editor’s Note: For those of you not acquainted with Bill Hinsee, he is a great photographer, whom with his permission we showcase his amazing shots of Thea Theodosia‘s steampunk cosplay. Below are excerpts taken from Bill’s website where he gives you some background to this work, Thea and Otherworlds


A few days ago I was invited to shoot the beautiful Thea Theodosia at Otherworlds, a vintage gift shop and book store in Edmonds, WA. We had the entire store for the whole day and access to all the store’s accessories (hats, googles, gloves, corsets, boots, bustles, and more!). It was a great time for everyone and one of my most fun shoots to date.

A few weeks ago I had a great Steampunk-themed photoshoot on location at the Lake View Cemetery in Seattle, WA. I have lived in Seattle for many many years but this was the first time I had visited the cemetery so I arrived early to explore and scout out the area a bit. The cemetery is famous for being the site where Bruce Lee and his son, Brandon Lee, are buried, which had a constant stream of visitors the entire afternoon. While roaming, I managed to get caught in a downpour as a weather system passed through but it cleared up just in time for the photoshoot. The photoshoot was a lot of fun and Dee (Thea Theodosia) and Sam (Theo Theodosia) were great to work with. We shot in quite a few different areas of the cemetery making things up as we went along.

More images can be found on my Facebook page.

About the Author

Bill Hinsee is a photographer based in Seattle, WA specializing in cosplay and urban/street photography. He is also interested in a project involving gothic themed photoshoots and composite photography. His photoblog and portfolio can be found at



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