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March 30, 2012

The Right Stuf has the Right Stuff

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Written by: SKrYde
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Ok so, this review won’t be long but I wanted to go ahead and do it, so here we go!

Have you ever heard of this little website called No? Yes? Maybe? Have you ever visited You’d know if you had just from the awesomeness that screams at you when you open the site. Well that is how I feel about it anyways.

What is The Right Stuf? It’s a legit source for Japanese animation videos and merchandise. It started back in 1987 in Grimes, Iowa. They have over 18,000 items available for purchase. One of the cool things about The Right Stuf is that you can purchase over the phone, by mail, or online.

Why am I so excited about The Right Stuf? Well, unlike most other places other than conventions, and sometimes not even there, you can know with certainty that the anime you are purchasing is legal. No bootleg here people!

I couldn’t begin to tell you how awesome their collection is. They sell the latest and greatest and oldest and boldest of anime. Do you remember Kimba, The White Lion? How about Astro Boy (1963)? They have it, for real. Not only do they have it, they have it at a decent price.

The Right Stuf has a really cool thing. Aside from the sales that they have every once in a while, they have these things called Weekly Specials. These are specials that change weekly on Thursdays. On that same note, they also have Daily Deals. These deals change daily. Check these out before you check out. You can find some cool stuff.

Another cool thing that they have are Blind Box Bargains. These are simple really. You can top your cart off with them or just buy them for the surprise element. When you purchase a Blind Box Bargain you will receive a random mystery item that will be super awesome for the price you paid for it. They have items assigned to the priced and they just grab one and put it in with the rest of your order. They come in different dollar amounts and are offered for $1.00, $5.00, $10.00, and $25.00 each. I generally purchase a $5.00 and a $10.00 box just to see what I get. I did end up getting two of the same thing but I was warned in the description of the item. “If you buy large quantities of Blind Box Bargains, it is possible you may receive duplicate items. There is a finite number of different things in the Blind Box at any one time.” The duplicates made awesome anime club prizes.

One kind of not awesome thing is if you order a GE item (like a anime t-shirts, wallscrolls, stationery, mugs and the millions of other pieces of merchandise the make.) you could be waiting around two weeks time for them to fulfill the order. Why? Well, because GE has really iffy item availability. Right Stuf knows this and is nice enough to help you.

When I ordered my Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood state military coffee mug I had also ordered $45 worth of anime. At $50 you get free shipping. I was concerned that I was going to have to pay shipping since my shipping order wasn’t going to be greater than $50. When I called and asked the woman politely explained that The Right Stuf would cover that shipping cost. Both boxes would be shipped to me for free. SWEET!

Shipping prices vary. If you are a domestic customer (USA) and order over $49, economy shipping is free. If you do not get to $50.00 then you are looking at $3.00 for first item and $1.00 for each additional item. The stuff is shipped via USPS Mail and generally takes 10-14 days to be delivered. If you want more information on how they ship things, click here.

It may be a small thing to most people but I’ll mention it here. I love the fact that they have very good packaging techniques. Few things about getting and opening a package annoy me like opening something only to have it end up looking like a snowstorm of packaging pellets blew through. When The Right Stuf ships the anime/product you purchased, they send them in sturdy, supported, and RECYCLABLE cardboard and paper packaging instead of foamy packing peanuts that require special discarding (or a trash can) and can and generally do make a total mess.

The Right Stuf Shipping box

The Right Stuf has the right stuff and they do a wonderful job handling all of it. So, before you head to Amazon or EBay (that’s a whole different topic), check with The Right Stuf.

Well, I think it’s about time I call it a night.

Until next time, happy…… purchasing!

P.S. They have awesome customer service if you feel that need to ask any questions! ^_^

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