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February 3, 2018

Black History Month Cosplayer Profile: Everyone’s Hero Cosplay

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Written by: Rodney Brown
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We continue with our recognition of Black History Month with our first profile this year of a cosplayer of color, the creative and energetic Everyone’s Hero Cosplay.

Marcos is a New England-based cosplayer who burst on the scene a few years ago with a big splash. He is known for a number of things, but mostly for putting his own creative spin on character designs. His take on Batman he has dubbed The Darker Knight, which includes a metal bat symbol on his chest. Marcos is also one of the few people I’ve seen that cosplays DMC, from Darryl McDaniels’ own comic book. Or for that matter Cleon, the leader of the titular gang from the ’70s cult classic The Warriors, or Ozone from the ’80s cult hit Breakin’ (and of course Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo). Both of those latter two cosplays are in the gallery below.

Everyone’s Hero also has stepped into the world of cosplay photography, and as in his own cosplay, he puts his creative stamp there as well. Like the large number of costumes he will wear at any one con (it’s not uncommon for me to photograph him in three different cosplays in one day), Marcos shoots and produces a vast number of images (fully edited) per photo shoot.

In addition to comic books and pop culture cosplay, Everyone’s Hero does a large number of video game character cosplays. Just a couple of them in the gallery below include Cloud Strife from the Final Fantasy series and Travis Touchdown from the No More Heroes series. Other photographer’s in this set include Wonderllama Photography, who shot the images of Vincent and Catherine, who is cosplayed by Nessie Cosplays.

As an aside, while some of the Black History Month profile galleries going forward will draw from the past 18 months of cons, this one is just the past year. I wasn’t kidding when I mentioned how prolific Everyone’s Hero Cosplay is.

Photo gallery tips: Once the page loads the images, you will see the Forward and Back navigation arrows above the image, in case you want to scroll faster than the preset. And to see the entire gallery as thumbnails, click on the gray four-box square next to the navigation arrows.

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