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December 21, 2017

FirstPerson Shooter’s Fave Odd & Obscure Cosplays of 2017!

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Written by: Rodney Brown
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I shot enough photos of cosplay this year in the category I call Odd & Obscure for two galleries. This could be because I probably took more photos this year than most. But it could also be because conventions seem to be expanding the definition of what they call “nerdy” content to include more nostalgic, albeit mainstream, elements. To that end, I felt I could create a separate gallery just for the ’90s-themed after party at Granite State Comic Con.

By the way, not from the after party, but also from GraniteCon this year, is the cosplay featured above, Houkakyou as Yubaba from Spirited Away. Not something you see often (or ever, for me).

This category should really be called “Innovative, Odd & Obscure” but then the headline would be too long. Possibly taking the Innovative top spot is The Dark Knit, the fully crocheted Batman. High on both the Innovative and the Obscure charts is Mini Mal Cosplay and friends as the characters of the web series Critical Role. And possibly topping the Odd (and fabulous) charts is the milkshake cosplay inspired by Kelis’ hit song. Also, what’s up with two cosplays from My Chemical Romance videos on the same day (within an hour of each other actually) at Anime Boston?

I have included in this list of my shots some that were taken at MASSive Comic Con not by me. At the last minute Vander the GeneralistWonderllama Photography and Robbins Studios stepped up to fill in for me during the two days of the con.

Other cosplayers in this first of two galleries include Wonderllama CosplayVeronica MarieIceKhaleesi Cosplay and PhotographyWest Street Studios, T Wylie’s Misfit ToysCold SlitherLenaKali Cosplay?Miss Kits CosplayKataclysmQuinnjob CosplayAlie_LynnStolen Soul PhotographyLady Jay CosplayThe TANK – Life Size Action FigureCosplay Dad, , fashionenigmaPrincen cosplayEveryone’s Hero Cosplaymakeupmermaid22, chickalittle, and more.

Photo gallery tips: Once the page loads the images, you will see the Forward and Back navigation arrows above the image, in case you want to scroll faster than the preset. And to see the entire gallery as thumbnails, click on the gray four-box square next to the navigation arrows.

High-res images for sale!
If you are pictured in any of our galleries and want the high resolution download for yourself, we can make it available via a private, password-protected link, for $8 per image. Just send an email to editor AT

We are also now selling high resolution images of some of the photos taken of cosplayers that have agreed to let us do so. To see the 50 or so images we have available to download for a mere $8 each, go to our Anime Boston 2016 sales gallery and our brand new Spring Super Megafest 2016 sales gallery.


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