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April 22, 2018

PAX East 2018 Feature Set: SoulCalibur with Bethany Maddock & Mikal Mosley, by Wonderllama Photo

PAX 2018 - SoulCalibur - 04-08-18 - 103

Bandai Namco was at PAX East 2018 with a demo of their upcoming game SoulCalibur VI. What better way to show off a highly anticipated new release than by having two incredible cosplayers, Bethany Maddock and Mikal Mosley, create all-new cosplays from the upcoming game?  Bethany made a stunning Sophitia, along with her iconic Omega sword and Elk shield. Mikal made an impressive, towering Zasalamel with his terrifying Kafziel scythe.

I spoke to Bethany about the experience of creating a cosplay for PAX:

“Our experience at PAX started with a direct proposal from Mosley (who has a previous working relationship with Bandai Namco) to do some cosplay work for them at PAX East. Mosley brought me on because he knows my passion for SoulCalibur, and he also knew I was reliable to get the project done in time. We only had a little over a month to complete the project, and as someone with a full time job, it was quite the undertaking!” she said.

“This opportunity was a dream come true for me, so I was happy to invest all my free time into creating Sophitia, and it was 100% worth it!” Bethany continued. “At PAX we got to take pictures with fellow fans, and even did some video work with other cosplayers at the convention. It’s great to see a company as large as Bandai Namco embrace cosplay. I hope my experience will help promote the idea that cosplay is a viable marketing outlet for more companies to invest in for the future.”

Bethany and Mikal are fantastic people to work with, taking time away from the busy Bandai booth for a photoshoot with us. It’s always a blast to make photos when cosplayers really nail the characteristics of the character they’re cosplaying and collaborate on the shots.

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