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January 9, 2012

Mortal Kombat Dancers Battle New York City

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Written by: E. Ortiz
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Reaching to all the four corners of the internet, faster than any roundhouse kick is the new Mortal Kombat Flash Dance video. In the 1980s, gangs fought over street blocks. In the 1990s, we had gangs fight over colors. Last decade, we had reality shows galore. In 2012, we have Mortal Kombat dancers. This may be the best decade yet. Check out their amazing video of their rampage through New York City, and if you like what you see and want to know more, check out our interview below with Liu Kang aka Rodney Brown.

Who are all of you (and the character you are cosplaying) and how do you know each other?
We are all a big group of friends. Mileena was such a true fan of Mortal Kombat and the first video that she traveled from 5 hours away to come spend the day with us during the filming of the 2nd video! Lucky for her, we’re not a big group of sexual predator nerds lookin to get some Mileenass.

Well maybe Noob is.

These are the characters from both videos: I (Rodney Brown) am Liu Kang, Olivia Boston is Mileena,  and Dennis Faour is Noob Saibot (the camera man of the first video, also in pictures from the first event);

Bryan Reeves is Kung Lao
Joshua Luongo is Scorpion
Micheel Tedeschi is Kano
Dominick Campanella is Subzero in the first video, and reptile in the second video.
Ryan Colino is Smoke
Roberto Del Valle is Jax
Dan Weinberger is Goro
Kyle Elmes is Johnny Cage
Sean Loges is Raiden
Joey Cheeks is Sub Zero in the second video only
Giuseppe Scaffidi-Fonti is Ermac

Where did the idea for the dancing videos come from?

I suggested that we all be Mortal Kombat characters for Halloween ever since last year (when I was Shaka Zulu) but no one really thought too deep into it since it was so early, but when it came closer to the date, me and a bunch of friends talked and made plans about who wanted to be who, and we all decided to go to the city and go party for Halloween at this one place. Evidently, we never made it to that place, and instead had fun running amok elsewhere in the city. Add a little alcohol to the mix and, well, you see what happened.

What is it about the Mortal Kombat game that you love it so much?
What was it that anybody loved about the Mortal Kombat games as a kid growing up?? Blood, violence, fighting, competition, and most importantly…FATALITIES!! I was so good as a kid in the original MK that I beat people with my toes. True story. A-B-A-C-A-B-B

Did you all feel at times that what you were doing would get you in trouble with the cops or get assaulted?

Oh we definitely knew that trouble could start brewing with the law and different forms of security in certain places, especially in NYC. The cops did approach us a few times and ask us to stop doing what we were doing at certain places, but there were dozens of other times where the police looked on and laughed with the rest of the crowd, or even got involved in it and chatted with us. As far as individual people having a problem with us, we were showed mostly love, and the others, well, sorry for trolling!

Did anything funny, weird or insane happen that wasn’t included in your videos?
Here are some fun facts:

  • In the first event, we had the cops stop a fight between me and Kung Lao (Bryan Reeves) before it could even happen.
  • I got kicked out of a lot of places for not having a shirt on.
  • The bag I was carrying in a lot of the video in part 1 of flash dancing was full of beers.
  • In person, Mileena falling off of that truck looked like her whole head was gonna snap off. Truly terrifying.
  • Cops kicked us out of Times Square for making that dance circle
  • A lot of people were actually really annoyed/pissed at us
  • Spongebob actually punched Johnny Cage while he was humping him.
  • Scorpion has a really really small cock (jk)
  • Kung Lao was with us for a short time during the 2nd event, but had to leave early, and thus was sadly not included in any of the Round 2 footage. Mostly Mileena’s fault for being a girl and taking ****ing forever to get ready.
  • My crazy driving through the city in that huge huge van scared the **** out of everyone
  • The cop car we were dancing on in the video said “GET OVER HERE!!!” to us haha.

What’s been the reaction from friends and family when they see your videos?

Pretty much everyone who sees the video thinks it is amazingly funny. Some people give that head shake like “wow you guys are too much” while others are more like “I want to be in the next one!” But everyone who knows us, knows this is definitely something that we would do, and can’t wait until the next one.

Do you feel worried that another rival cosplay group may want to compete against you, like a DC Comics cosplay or Street Fighter?
We have come across other cosplayers being Street Fighter and random other anime fighters, took some pictures and chatted. What we do, we do in fun, not in competition,  but those who disrespect us definitely see our bad sides, such as the girl who cosplayed Jade (just google jade cosplay and she’ll be all over) talking all kinds of jealous **** over facebook to Mileena, and we ate her up alive. She had to resort to telling lies about Mileena to make herself not look like an idiot. We have had short fake fight scenes with the random people we did see, but sadly we didn’t get any good video of it. If there was a friendly battle between youtube videos, we would all definitely be up for a challenge. ANY TAKERS???

Outside of being Mortal Kombat dancers, what do you do for a living?

Work our regular jobs, hang out and laugh together, meet and entertain new people. Basically live to make peoples day or ruin peoples day, whichever fits best at that moment.

What’s the next project your team will be doing?
We have several ideas planned, some flashdancing, some other stuff. Stay tuned for Round 3!

Where can fans go to see more of your past work?
You can see our work at We have a couple of short fights with me and scorpion, and me and subzero. You can also find me as Shaka Zulu fighting Joshua as Chuck Norris. Mildly amusing. Also check out our Mortal Kombat character facebook pages, where we post interesting things daily. has them all linked.

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