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March 27, 2013

How You Can Avoid THE CON PLAGUE!


Throughout every year, there are cries on Facebook after conventions from people who have caught the “Con Plague.” This plague is no ordinary plague. It devastates con-goers for weeks, spreading to their families, their friends, and their coworkers. Just as it leaves, another one arrives for the next convention, and thus a new strand of “Con Plague” is created. Personally, I’ve never caught the “Con Plague,” mostly because after hearing the horror stories, I’ve become a bit more than overly-paranoid about the ordeal.

On behalf of all those who hate the Plague as much as I do, here are some tips for avoiding it for the next convention:

Vitamin C: Drink orange juice. Drink it like your life depends on it, because ultimately, it probably does. If you know you have a bad immune system, please heed this. Drug stores also sell Vitamin C in pill form if you’re okay with that, too.

Stay Warm: Your mother always nagged you about it and I will too. A lot of cosplays aren’t build for cold climates, and many conventions are held in cooler conditions. As much as you don’t want to think about it, germs are still alive in cold weather, and they love your body heat. Higher temperatures, however, kill germs, so wash your hands with the hottest temperature you can tolerate.

Your body can’t fight off the Plague if it’s working on the foreign bacteria from other people, now can it?

Stop the Spread: NEVER sneeze or cough into your bare hands. Always use a tissue and throw it away immediately. If you can’t do that, then use your elbow or shoulder. Just think of all the people that cough and sneeze into their hands and touch everything, then touched their face again.

No Sharing! As much as we all enjoy saving a few dollars here and there and sharing beverages and consumables, if you plan on avoiding the Plague, then I suggest you don’t share. It’s okay to be a hog. If you share a drink with someone, you’re also sharing saliva and any sort of bacteria they’ve already come in contact with, which is more for your body to fight off. Your body can’t fight off the Plague if it’s working on the foreign bacteria from other people, now can it? Look at that drink you have. Whether it’s in a bottle, with a straw, or in a cup, about the last 10% of that liquid is entirely your “backwash.” I’d advise sharing drinks with those whom you already swap saliva with on a regular and frequent basis.

Anti-Bacterial Stuff: Don’t be afraid of it. As a matter of fact, use it if you must touch public doors, and especially if you’re going in a stairwell or an escalator and you’ve touched the handles. But don’t be afraid of soap and water as well, because a bottle of “anti-bac” also kills your good bacteria, unlike the soap.

Top Tips:

  • Always wash hands with soap and water whenever you visit a restroom.
  • On top of being green and saving the environment, bring a reusable water bottle.
  • If you really must share, then bring spare cups for all, and share before anyone sips from the original container.
  • If you bring your own food, either clean or dispose of the utencils once you’re done. Bacteria likes to spread when you’re not looking.
  • Your feet can probably open a lot of doors for you, or at least hold them open. Just be careful and try not to hurt anyone (or yourself!) Or you can use a napkin. That works, too.

About the Author

Theresa Maheux
Theresa is also known as the "Thee" of Thee-Gartisan Works. Her current works involve Rose's Drawing Board as well as her own literary works.



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